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How to Increase Your Memory Limits

Watch this short video to learn how to increase your website’s memory limit for a massive speed boost.

What We'll Cover:

In this training we look at what is a memory limit, how to check if you’re restricting access to your memory, & how to increase your memory limit.


If you want to check how much memory you have allocated, install the plugin in the resources section below & then check in the footer of your website’s backend. (See image below for demo).


Did You Know?

  • Your hosting might have given you access to memory but with the wrong setting in your website it can be limited & slowing down your website?
  • Since version 2.5 WordPress has a WP_MEMORY_LIMIT variable with a default limit of 40MB, which is very low?

How much memory have you allocated to the site?

Your Next Action Steps:

  1. Check how much memory you have allocated.
  2. Update both the WordPress memory limit.
  3. Update the server memory limit.


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Right. Today we’re going to look at something called a memory limit. The same as your laptop, It has something called memory and it impacts a website speed. Now there are two things that I’m going to show you to check the more memory you’ve got, the faster your website!

One of the things is that a lot of servers restrict access to memory, as well as WordPress sometimes does that itself? So, if you just tweak one aspect or knock the other, you won’t get the full benefits. I’m going to show you how to do that properly today using cPanel.

Let’s jump right in. Let me just make this a bit smaller so you can see what we’re doing. We’re going to jump into file manager and the first thing we’re going to do is jump across to your config file. That looks like that and you’re gonna click edit.

At the top, you’re going to define the memory limit that the site can access. Again this depends on your hosting and your server. How much you’ve got. You know if you’ve got around two gigs you can go 2048.  As an example, to find that as your memory were given, make sure that with your hosting to find that the workup, the limit that the hosting can give you. So in this case, it’s a 2048 so we will enable that and we will click save changes.

Actually. This one’s 1024 but for demonstrations. I just had to change it for you. So 1024 and obviously you will save your changes and that defines it in the config file. Now. The next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to come across to PHP.

PHP in the editor. You are going to check that you’ve got access to the full amount here as well. Home directory, well that should update and over here you will see a memory limit. Okay.

So this tells you exactly what it can do. That sets the maximum amount of memory that a script can allocate. So if you increase this, it’s going to get give access to more memory. And that is as far apps or upload sizes are concerned. But this is what’s very important.

Memory limit over there that you give that as much as your server will let you and so that you can access that.  The difference is some websites actually only have 48.

You know, that’s tiny. That’s just really really really tiny. So, you know just make sure you increase this to the maximum allowed and you should see a good speed boost!