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Last updated 13 March 2020

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Are You Losing Sales
from a Slow Website?

This free video training will teach you how to check your site speed in 30 seconds. Slow sites cost $. Find out if you’re affected NOW.

What You'll Quickly Learn:

  • The BEST TOOL We Use To Check Speed
  • The OPTIMAL Settings To Use On The Tool
  • How To QUICKLY Interpret The Results (Are They Good or Bad?)

Part 1: How To Configure The Tools

Part 2: Using the Speed Testing Tools

Ready for a Faster Website?

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How We Get a Faster Website for You

  • Nippy is your personalized speed optimization solution to improve your website's performance.
  • From big companies to small startups, and everything in between, Nippy’s plans and pricing are designed to fit your needs.
  • A Nippy website means more conversions. With website speed it’s simple. The faster the website, the better it converts & the more you will earn from it. A 1 second increase in speed can BOOST conversion rates by 7%.

Time to Launch Your Lightening Fast Website

If your website loads slower than 3s you could be losing 57% of your revenue. 

  • 47% of visitors expect websites to load in 2s or less
  • 57% of visitors abandoning a page that takes 3s+
Get A Faster Website Today…

What are the Benefits of a Faster Website?

Increase your revenue with a faster website

Everybody loves a fast website. Nippy helps you speed up your site so you can:
  • Improve conversions
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Boost your visitors’ time on site

Here's what's included:​

  • Increased Conversions: a 1-second delay in page load time yields 7% loss in conversions.
  • Improved SEO Rankings: Google loves fast sites. The faster your site, the better the ranking.
  • Increase Sales: A 1s improvement in page load time yields 16% increase in customer satisfaction.

DID YOU KNOW? Almost every site that we work on is made TWICE as fast. We regularly improve website speed by 400% to 500%!

PS – If you’re anything like us, you just skipped to the end anyways. So here’s the scoop – we are offering to get you more conversions with a nippy website.

Our intention is to get you the higher conversions from a faster website with your visitors spending longer on your site.
⚠️(Spoiler**) Most send us a personal thank you because we do such an incredible job. – you’ve been warned. ⚠️

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