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Preventing a TOTAL Website Loss​

Watch this short video to learn how to prevent the total loss of your website. It’s not a case of if… it’s when.

What We'll Cover:

In this training we look at how vulnerable your website is. We urge you to take action as 73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations have vulnerabilities which can be detected using free automated tools. It takes a malicious attacker only a couple of minutes to run automated tools that can discover such vulnerabilities and exploit them.

Did You Know?

  • More than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks. (Source)
  • WordPress is the most attacked website platform at 90%. (Source)
  • The top usernames being attacked: admin, Admin, administrator, test, root.

More Security Stats

  • Hackers attack WordPress sites both big and small, with over 90,978 attacks happening per minute (Source)
  • 41% were hacked through a security vulnerability on their hosting platform. (Source)

WordPress Weaknesses

  • 52% are from WordPress plugins
  • 37% are from core WordPress
  • 11% are from WordPress themes
If you’ve got a reliable backup system in place skip this video. If not, it’s vital that you watch it. The one thing that is GUARANTEED to happen is that at some point, you will have a total crash of your website. Are you prepared? Not convinced? Check out the links in the resources below.

Your Next Action Steps:

  1. Be 100% you have an external backup system.
  2. If not, take action RIGHT NOW.


Need Help Installing a Backup Service?

If you would like us to help you install a backup system we can help.

(If you want us to configure a backup system for you.)

Backup Service Purchase

If you’ve got a reliable backup system in place. Please skip this video.

If not, it’s vital that you keep watching.

The one thing that is GUARANTEED to happen is that at some point, you will have a total crash of your website.

It is not a case of IF, it is WHEN!

You’re probably thinking that it won’t happen to you.

I thought the same, & I was wrong. It cost me big time.

Don’t make my mistake!

You may also be thinking that your hosting company has a backup system in place. However, this is often not sufficient & I’ll explain why.

Let me tell you real life story.

One day, I got an alert that my website was down. Oh No. What happened?

Everybody will have a different story how it happened to them but in my case, it felt like a freak instance.

All websites are stored on a server in a data center. Many major hosting companies rent space on these servers & resell it to you. The contract is between you & the hosting company not the data center.

In my case it was a reliable hosting company, that had a financial issue & defaulted. The data center shut down access to the server, & along with that, all the hosting backups & my website. There was nothing I could do but rebuild my entire website from scratch. The cost was enormous as it was a few hundred pages.

Another scenario that we came across, happened a few months ago. The client’s in-house IT technician ran a simple command that accidentally deleted the files on a server & a 300 page website was lost. The result, they needed to rebuild it from scratch!

Finally, one of a website’s greatest risks is being hacked. We all know WordPress, plugins & themes have vulnerabilities, which are exploited by hackers. If I check my server logs, every 2 mins an automated hacking tool is probing our website to see if we have a plugin or theme with a known vulnerability.

It’s not just my website but every WordPress website I’ve ever looked at. If you check the server logs, it will be the same for your website.

Most WordPress sites have a number of plugins & a theme. If there is just 1 weak file in a theme, or in one of the many plugins, a hacker will get in. It’s just a matter of time.

A short while ago, a hacker got into Facebook & posted on Mark Zuckerberg’s personal feed. This grabbed their attention! If companies like Facebook who spend millions on security get hacked, smaller websites stand no chance. One mistake from a plugin or theme author & ALL websites that have that plugin are vulnerable to be hacked. It’s a case of when.

So when a hacker finds a vulnerability in one of your plugins & you do get hacked & they corrupt all your website’s files, you want to be 100% certain that you have a reliable backup system.

30 minutes to restore your site from a backup is a lot better than rebuilding it from scratch.

That Sounds Important!

If you would like, we can install a backup system that will automatically backup your website to your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other storage system. It’s important that it’s separate to your hosting backups.

If you already have this fantastic!

If not, is there anything worse than a total crash of your website?

Yes, a total crash without a backup.

Take action now & prevent this from happening to you.